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"For just as the American Revolution led the way to political, idealistic, and social-cultural revolutions throughout the world, we believe the American vision still embodies the hopes of myriads of people and will set in motion a new revolution, a revolution in human consciousness itself. And Africa's diasporic peoples, who entered the 20th century with the worst image of all of the great peoples of humanity in the collective mind, will again move into the 21st century, the new millennium, with a recognition of being the oldest, the most ancient mother of human races and the father of civilization."

-Edward Bruce Bynum, The African Unconscious: Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology

Bynum, E. B. (1999). The African Unconscious: Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

Not Without Laughter

by Langston Hughes

Hughes, L. (1930). Not Without Laughter. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.

Angela Davis discusses the roles of Capitalism and Communism in relation to racial oppression and total revolution

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Kimberly Latrice Jones briefly explains the historical economic oppression of Black Americans

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